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Junior Model United Nations Simulation

Posted: March 24, 2016

After weeks of preparation, we were ready for the JR MUN simulation on 16 March. Everybody had their own country to represent. It took place in Block 5 and 6, with a 30-minute lunch break in the middle.

Discussing the topic of sanitation in developing countries, we went through the full process of a proper MUN conference. We started with the opening speeches, where everybody stated their stance, and moved on to the lobbying and merging. This is when countries merge into groups with similar ideas to create a resolution that will solve the problem. Ryan and I were the chairs for Block 5, the opening speeches, lobbying and merging, and the resolution writing.

In the afternoon, Vivica, Kiera and Tia replaced us as the chairs. We progressed onto debating on the resolution. We submitted amendments, changes we wanted to make to the resolution, and then we moved on to the final voting.

In all, it was a  fun and enjoyable experience. It is the first time I was a chair, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

I will be looking forward to the AISMUN conference, and future simulations.

Jason Lam, Year 8