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Year 7 Community Engagement Day with Plastic Free Seas

Posted: March 4, 2016

Wednesday 2 March marked the first Year 7 Community Engagement Day at Discovery College. On this day, Year 7 students worked with Plastic Free Seas both at school and off site (Sam Pak Wan beach, Siena Park, and the North Plaza) to collect rubbish, conduct an analysis of the rubbish, and interview the public on the issue of recycling and pollution. In the afternoon, students worked together in groups to brainstorm ideas on how best to inform and educate the community on these important issues on both a local and global scale, as well proposing solutions under the MYP global context of globalization and sustainability with the aim to raise awareness. In groups, students then presented to their cohort and a panel of judges to end the day. Presentations included art and design installations using the rubbish collected, dance performances, original songs, iMovies, and powerpoint presentations. Three groups have been selected amongst the 9 finalist groups to represent Discovery College at the annual Recycling Day at the Main Plaza on 23 April.

Members of the 3 winning group include: Xavier Chang, Vivian Gu, Doh Young Jeong , Paris Holmes, Fergus Condon, Lea Jakimicova, Ethan Munson, Ida Steenberg, Ben Hallam, Josh Jones, Rosie Goode, Brendan Sun, Lefika Motiki, Saanvi Yerawar, Samuel Kwok, Tommaso Mauriello, and Nicholas Marrero.

Be sure to check out their presentations at the Main Plaza on 23 April and be on the lookout for more Community Engagement initiatives in conjunction with Plastic Free Seas by our amazing Year 7 students!

Congratulations to all for a successful and fun day! Thank you to Plastic Free Seas and Year 7 Learning Advisors for guiding the students.