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The Library Project Reading Challenge

Posted: April 29, 2016

Discovery College is once again supporting the Library Project this year. Last year was extremely successful – we raised a lot of money and were able to provide a whole reading room for our sponsored school. You can view a PDF of our completion report here.  This year we are aiming just a little higher and raise $50,000 so if you enjoyed participating last year we encourage you to join again, and if you didn’t, we need your support.

We are aiming to support two schools this year by raising enough money for a reading room for Shui Bian Elementary School and a reading corner for Shang Dong Elementary School. Both schools are in Guangdong. Pictures of the two schools show the current situation – mainly old textbooks and books that are badly damaged due to age.

This is how your Primary child can support the Project and set themselves a reading challenge.

Step 1 – Your child will receive a reading challenge sponsorship form from the Library.

Step 2 – Discuss as a family a suitable amount of books for your child to  read during the month of May – this should be just a little more than normal.

Step 3 – Seek out sponsors from family and friends to support your child’s reading challenge – this can be per book or total amounts.

Step 4 – Encourage your child to read away and keep a record of their reading.

Step 5 – The challenge will end on May 31st and all money will be due to the library by June 10. (Cash only)

We will also be accepting one off donations (by cheque). All donations will be tax deductible as The Library Project is a registered charity in Hong Kong. Please contact the Library staff for further information if you wish to donate.