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AISMUN JrMUN conference

Posted: May 27, 2016

Last weekend, 27 students in JrMUN attended the AISMUN conference.  Each delegate represented countries and debated three topics for each of the committee groups:  General Assembly, Human Rights Council, ECOSOC, Disarmament and Security Council.  It was a great United Nations simulation, a well-organised student-run weekend.  

AISMUN 2016 was a rememberable experience for all DC delegates. We started with our opening speeches to express what topic each delegate was focusing on, then merged with other delegates to construct a resolution. We had a vicious debate on the podium with the other delegates and even merged with some extremely passionate and diplomatic delegates. This experience made us wake up and have that strong motivation to confidently raise our placards high, proudly walk to the podium and begin that furious debate. AISMUN 2016 was an experience of battling with delegates, teaming up to make one’s statement much more powerful, and getting to truly understand the international mindedness that all delegates in the real UN have. Thank you to the supervising teachers Jill Walgren, Claire Neale and John Power.

– Seo Jin Park, Year 8; delegate of Switzerland,  Committee: Human Rights Council