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Digital Life Survey – Student Views

Posted: May 20, 2016

25% of our students recognise that technology in some way has a negative impact on their face-to-face communication skills. 25% of our students feel that technology has an overall negative impact on their health, while 30% feel that technology has a positive effect on their health.

Part of our education in school is helping students to find a balance in their life so that technology and ‘real-life’ find a happy medium, which has a positive effect on your whole being.

An interesting comment from one of our students from the survey reads, “It is inevitable that people will use technology and the internet to do bad things, or see explicit material. However, there isn’t much as society that we can do about it. We live in a generation where half of our life is online, to what extent that is bad, I do not know. But, hiding people from technology won’t really do much, we should help teach people about things instead of tell them they can’t do things.”