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ESF Stakeholder Survey Results

Posted: May 6, 2016

The results of the recent ESF Stakeholder survey are now in and it is affirming how positive our parents have been in their responses. A summary can be found below based on the 297 responses (out of a total of 964 invitations). The school uses this information to affirm our strengths, but more importantly, identify opportunities for further improvement.


In almost all areas the agree and strongly agree figures are close to or above 90%.


A very high 99% of parents strongly agree or agree that DC’s Vision (Grow. Discover. Dream.) describes what they want for their child’s education.

Programmes offered

96% of primary and secondary parents strongly agree or agree that the programmes offered by the school are preparing their child for the future.

Satisfaction with your child’s progress at DC

90% of parents are satisfied with the progress that their child is making at school.

Teacher enthusiasm

A large majority of parents (93%) believe teachers at this school are enthusiastic and committed. Some detailed comments were provided in this section that will help us put strategies in place that aim to improve this area further.

Informed about what is happening in the school

Communication was an area we chose to target for improvement after our CIS-WASC accreditation in 2013. It is pleasing to note that this review, which recommended developing a new website and Explorer online newsletter and introduced stricter policies around group emails, has resulted in an agree and strongly agree figure of 92%.

Satisfaction with the leadership

Approximately 92% of parents strongly agree or agree that they are satisfied with the leadership of the school.

Enjoyment at school

Like other ESF schools, we have very strong response rates in this area with almost 96% of parents reporting that they strongly agree or agree that their child enjoys school.

Areas for further investigation and growth

Informed of your child’s progress at DC

Around 84% of parents agree and strongly agree that they are informed ‘about their child’s progress, including areas that my child can improve.’ Although similar to the ESF average we believe this is an area for further improvement and will be targeting ways to address this over the next year.