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Senior MUN travels to Taipei

Posted: May 27, 2016

Last weekend, our Senior Model United Nations students took part in the Yale MUN conference in Taipei, Taiwan. The international conference was attended by hundreds of students from around Asia and further abroad, and since it was hosted by Yale University, was very demanding. This year saw the largest number of awards being won by our students; no small task by any means:

  • Jojo Haagen, Honorable Mention for DISEC Morocco
  • Dennis Yang, Honorable Mention for ASEAN Taiwan
  • Alicia Passler, Outstanding Delegate for ASEAN Germany
  • Cosima Graef, Outstanding Delegate for UNDP Germany
  • Julia Klocek, Best Delegate for UNHCR Morocco
  • Aaryaman Dutt, Outstanding Delegate for UNSC Ukraine

All of the student delegates performed admirably and we are looking forward to our next MUN conference.