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Student Support Programme in action

Posted: May 6, 2016

Below is a snapshot of what happened last week during the Student Support Programme Learning Team which happens each Wednesday in Block 1. Each of the elements fit into a unit of work that can span six weeks or more.

Y7 – Puberty and understanding the body: labelling and discussion about the male and female reproductive system, quizlet of terms
Y8 – Types of relationships and what can cause conflict: plus “everyone’s different” and recapping puberty and feeling confident
Y9 – Communication styles quiz: allowing students to find out their style (assertive, passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive) and letting them reflect on when they behave in this manner
Y10 – Yoga and mindfulness
Y11 – Types of contraception
Y12 – Extended Essay: Forming a good research question, EE criteria and proper citation

We strongly believe we have an obligation to equip all our students with the knowledge and understanding of themselves and others so that they have the opportunity to be well-rounded young people. Each area we cover is helping fill up the students’ toolbox for life.