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Budding Yoga Teacher

Posted: June 3, 2016

I started yoga 4 years ago in Y6 and over the years I grew more interested in taking yoga to a more serious level. Recently I began searching for courses that could qualify me to become an instructor and came across Anahata Yoga’s 200 Hours Teacher Training Certificate course. This course is an open-level training programme through which students gain a better understanding of different kinds of yoga, yoga’s origins, history and philosophy as well as┬ámore technical aspects like how they may improve on their postures, execute them with accuracy and, later, be able to demonstrate it to others.

After discussing with the founder of Anahata Yoga, I decided that I would apply for the course. Since the minimum age for participating in the course was 18 years, I was given special permission to join the course, after being tested and assessed on my flexibility. So far I have completed the Yoga Anatomy Module and I have 4 more modules to go.

I plan on completing the remaining modules during the summer. Upon completion of this course, I will become a fully certified yoga instructor and hopefully I can continue practising yoga in school and in university.

Kanika Mathew Y10