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Unwanted MYP and DP textbooks

Posted: June 3, 2016

This is another plea for unwanted MYP and DP textbooks for our secondhand textbook sale. We hope to be able to collect a reasonable amount of unwanted textbooks to offer for sale for students as they move up the school. Some of the many benefits include saving families money, recycling unwanted items and donating the proceeds to a worthy cause. All money raised from the sales will be donated to either the poor rural school in the Philipppines that we supported last year or to the ICM charity who work with the ultra poor in the Philippines. Both these groups need assistance due to the drought that has been brought on by El Nino – see for more details.

We will be collecting textbooks until 17 June and holding the sale during the last week of school. A notice will be put in the Explorer to let you know when and where. If you would like to donate any textbooks, please either leave them on the labeled table in the front foyer of school or they can be left in Mrs. Osborne’s classroom (2305). We will also be happy to take donations of children’s reading/picture books that are in good condition. These will be shipped to the school to supplement their meager library. Thanks in advance for your support.