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A ‘Positive’ start to the year in Primary

Posted: August 19, 2016

What an amazing start to the year we have had. Last Thursday we welcomed our students back to school, along with 120 new Year One students to DC. We saw many smiles, proud and some anxious parents and excitement from all.

Across primary this year, one of the ways staff and students have begun to develop positive relationships is through a Positive Detective programme. You may have heard your child speaking about this at home.

By being positive detectives we are able to explore positive relationships, positive environments and ways for our community to identify and share positive opportunities. Hopefully during the first week your child has come home excited about school, but also with a number of tasks to undertake, such as, developing a ‘Me Bag’, talking about positive things around us, searching for the positive things they see, completing their positive detective book, sending ‘I spy good’ cards to people they see doing good, and much more.

This programme was developed by Professor Lea Waters, Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology, Melbourne Graduate School of Education. To listen to Professor Waters discuss how this programme came about and the importance of positivity, I encourage you to watch the 20 minute YouTube presentation enclosed below.

Throughout the year we will be running a number of parent workshops about Positive Psychology, stay tuned for more information. We hope this programme is the ‘kick start’ to either another positive year for your child at DC or a positive start to your child’s first year at DC.