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Medals for DC Swimmers

Posted: August 26, 2016

DC students participated in the inter-island district swim competition last weekend at the Tung Chung Pool. Secondary student Lauren Tarrant won 2 silver medals for 50m backstroke & 100m breaststroke and a bronze medal for 100m backstroke. Brendan Sun won a silver medal  in 200m breaststroke & a bronze medal in 100m breaststroke and Y6 student Eloise Raper won 2 silver medals for 50m & 100m backstroke and a bronze medal for 100m freestyle.

Lauren, Brendan & Eloise have been invited to attend the trial for the 6th Hong Kong games in each of their events in December.

Congratulations to all swimmers; Lauren Raper, Ollie Clarke, Savanna Clausen, Hunter Clausen, Ethan Sun & Jack Speed of which many of them achieved PBs.