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Please log onto Gateway to verify student and family information

Posted: August 19, 2016

Please log onto Gateway to verify and update your student and family information as soon as possible. Under the annual ESF data verification process, users will not be able to use any functions of Gateway until the verification is complete. It is essential that contact and medical information is correct on the system for your family in the case of excursions and camps etc.

Not verifying your details could disadvantage you at times of activity registration and booking meeting if you have not already completed this process.

Parent and Student Gateway Interface Update 2016/17

As indicated in the Explorer last week, the parent/student Gateway Interface was updated over the summer break. The new website navigation and some screens’ layout was updated to give you a more user-friendly interface and to better support mobile devices. However, we still recommend parents and students use a desktop/laptop to access Gateway for the best view. Click here to see details and links to demonstration videos.