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Secondary students accessing Goodreads

Posted: August 12, 2016

At DC we recognise the value of certain web-based tools across many areas of student learning. All students have a user account for our moodle based Virtual Learning Environment (Ding!) and a Google Apps account. For Y7 and above, many students will be using Goodreads as part of our reading activities as we see great benefits for team-based collaboration in learning.

The advantage of using Goodreads is that it allows students to share, review and discuss books and reading with other people at DC. Teachers, the librarian, and/or students can set up accounts and friend each other to see what books other people recommend, want to read, have read and more.

As with all online access, there is a small element of risk that students may access some inappropriate content from a third party. We endeavour to provide education about what students should do in these situations and emphasise telling a responsible adult.