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Student punctuality

Posted: August 19, 2016

Continuing our focus from last year on student punctuality, we remind you that latenesses are now recorded on student reports. Arriving at school at 8.20am or after is deemed ‘late’. This year, the number of ‘lates’ will be accompanied by the following descriptor comments (refer page 22 of the Parent & Student Handbook):
0-4 days – acceptable
5-9 days – area of concern
10 or more days – unacceptable

In addition, parents will be contacted by email if a student is absent for 5 days, a phone call when it reaches 10, and a request to come and speak with us if your child is late more than 15 times.

The is ample evidence that arriving late to class can be a significant barrier to learning for the student, the teacher and to other students. Arriving in time also shows respect for others in the class, including the teacher. While we expect students, in particular our older students, to take responsibility for this, we also know that parents can help by ensuring that your child gets out of bed and leaves home early enough in order to arrive on time. We appreciate your support with this.