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Announcing Community Engagement Captains

Posted: September 9, 2016

The 2016 DC Community Engagement Captains have been announced. The following students will play a key role in managing and developing the College’s CE programme. Join us in congratulating:

Sam Condon, 7V
Megan Anderson, 7Y
Kershaun Mathew, 8Y
Sarah Mangel, 9D
Ngai Ning Yu, 9R
Esther HOU, 9R
Marianne Rouleau-Tang, 10D
Bryant Chong, 10C
Sofia van Trooijen, 10C
Hugo Leonard, 11C
Lana Lakovic, 11D
Aashman Vyas, 12R
Julia Moriau 12D
Jennifer Allardice 12D

The group will immediately make a start on promoting CE, developing opportunities for CE in the school, and review proposals for student-run CE events.