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Years 4-6 Swimming Gala

Posted: September 30, 2016

On Wednesday, Y4-6 students participated in the house swimming gala at Lei Cheng Uk Swimming Pool. The gala provided the students with an opportunity to demonstrate the swimming skills they have been developing over the six-week swimming programme this term. A great day was had with students swimming in many races and cheering their house on. It was lovely to see so many parents attend this event. Thank you to all the staff, especially Mr Wilkinson and the PE department, who without their efforts the carnival would not be the success it was.

Here is a link to our album from the Primary Y4-6 Swim Carnival. You will be able to view this album whether or not you have a Facebook account. Click HERE

The final results from events were:
1st on 555 points: Red House – Lie Huo (Fire)
2nd on 472 points: Yellow House – Re Tu (Earth)
3rd on 458 points: Purple House – Jin Shu (Metal)
4th on 437 points: Green House – Qing Mu (Wood)
5th on 418 points: Blue House – Liu Shui (Water)

The results for the house spirit (made up of chants, cheering for their team, keeping their area clean) were:
1st: Yellow House – Re Tu (Earth)
2nd: Green House – Qing Mu (Wood)
3rd:  Tie between Purple House – Jin Shu (Metal) & Red House – Lie Huo (Fire)
5th:  Blue House – Liu Shui (Water)