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Year 7 English

Posted: October 20, 2016

Students across Y7 are working on developing their skills and techniques in narrative writing, learning about parts of speech, sentence types and structures, and how to apply these to a creating a powerful personal narrative.

Leading up to this, we have looked at how similes and metaphors enhance the message as the comparisons help us to picture more vividly exactly what authors want us to see or experience. This has been taught through poetry. Following are some examples of our students’ works:

The Ocean
A paradise of deep blue and green
Where almost nothing can be seen
Waves moving like a dancing serpent
Day in and day out, never urgent –
The Ocean

By Felix Mirus


Glistening eyes like the sun rays off the ocean
Claws as sharp as a knife
A tail as soft as cotton
Waiting for the perfect moment to strike

By Lucas Maj


Talons like daggers
Soars silently
Eyes like a tiger’s
Kills violently

By Carys Magnan