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ACAMIS Golf Invitational in Dongguan

Posted: November 25, 2016

On November 9-11, the Discovery College golf team led by Mr Leithhead travelled to Mission Hills Dongguan, to participate in the ACAMIS golf invitational. The team consisted of seven great golfers: Ulyssa Fung, Skye Fung, Danny Choi, Ryan Leung, Joon Ho Kim, Denzel Rai, and Taichi Kho.  In rainy, windy, and cold conditions on the first day, all DC golfers were able to play tremendously well in the 36 holes of golf, a 9-hour golfing day. The strong team performance resulted in a DC lead (out of 14 schools) after the first day of competitive golf.

The second day started with a wake up call at 5.30am in frigid 12°C. In such challenging conditions, DC had another impressive performance, on a different course, by all team players. Many players were able to improve upon the first day, whilst others maintained their solid game of golf.

The overall team performance by Discovery College resulted in a 2nd place team finish, and an individual 1st place finish for Taichi Kho. Every player in the team represented the school with exemplary behaviour, attitude, and motivation throughout the week.

The team is now excited and confident for the next year’s event, taking it one step further and aspiring to win the tournament.