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ESF Basketball England-accredited Referees & Table Officials Award Course

Posted: November 25, 2016

ESF Basketball is hosting a combined Level 2 Referees Course (it is not necessary to have done your Level 1) and a Level 1 Table Officials course to fill a much-needed gap in the Hong Kong basketball marketplace.

Referee Level 2

The Level 2 award is aimed at the beginner referee (experience as a player, teacher or coach is an advantage). This course provides candidates with knowledge of the full rules of basketball and practical experience in refereeing games. Candidates must be 16 or older.

Table Official Level 1

This award is an introduction to basketball table officiating and is aimed at the pure beginner. The course gives an insight into the role of a timekeeper, shot clock operator and scorer at a basketball game.

For further details and an application form, contact Paul Lawrence (Course Tutor)

Email: Tel:2760 3932