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Pokemon Trading Cards and Valuable Items at School

Posted: November 18, 2016

Recently in Primary we have seen an increase in students bringing Pokemon trading cards to school. Over the past month, we have also seen an increase in playground concerns from both parents and students regarding unfair trading, cards being taken from younger students, cards going missing from lockers and general disagreement between students. Whilst we understand that trading cards are something that students are excited about, enjoy playing with and learn about, we also need to be mindful of student behaviour and the amount of time spent dealing with concerns regarding these.

As a result, we have made the decision that, from Monday, students are not to bring Pokemon cards to school. We ask parents to support this decision and ensure students play with these only at home. If students continue to bring their cards to school, teachers will be asking students to take them home that day, and if the student brings them again, teachers will be confiscating the cards until parents can pick them up. This also includes on the buses travelling to and from school where bus mums will support this process as well.

Whilst we understand this may come with mixed feelings from both parents and students, we hope that it also encourages students to be active during playtimes and utilise the fantastic spaces that DC offers.

This is also a timely reminder to parents and students to be mindful of bringing valuable items to school. As per the Parent and Student Handbook: ‘Money and Valuables – students are advised not to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school. The college accepts no responsibility for personal property brought to school by students.’