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Primary Camp Season

Posted: November 11, 2016

Wednesday saw the close of the Primary Camp season for Term 1, with the Y4 students and staff returning from yet another successful Primary camp. This year we have seen our Y3&4 students visit YWCA Camp, San Shek Wan, as well as our Y5 students visiting Bradbury Camp, Cheng Chau and the Y6 students visiting Sai Kung Recreation Camp.

Camp is a wonderful time to strengthen existing friendships and at the same time build new friendships across the year level. Camp is also a great opportunity for students to demonstrates aspects of the IB Learner profile, such as being Courageous, a Thinker, a Communicator and living a balanced lifestyle. All students have participated in a range of activities which have encouraged team work, independence and communication whilst having an enormous amount of fun whilst doing so.

Camps do not just happen on their own, I would like to send a special thanks to all the parents who attended and supported all camps. As a school we are very appreciative of all the support we receive from our parent community. To all the DC staff who have attended camp, congratulations on leading the camps and ensuring the students had an amazing time. We now look forward to Term 3 when our Y1 students begin the camp experience with a Pizza party and evening games, whilst the Y2 students participate in a school sleepover and is always a great success.