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Life Drawing with Nic Plowman

Posted: December 9, 2016

The Art department has had a fantastic month with Nic Plowman, our artist-in-residence this year. Nic introduced some spectacular life drawing workshops for our students, particularly those in Year 12 and 13. They all felt amazed and inspired by the artist’s talks about his art development and unique drawing skills. His workshops were a great success. We have received awesome feedback from our students which has proven their incredible learning outcomes.

“Thank you for the unique experience and a spiritual takeaway” -Year 12 Jeremy Leung

“Life drawing was a completely different experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am thankful for the opportunity to do the class. I particularly learnt so much from the quick drawings that made me step out of my comfort zone of being a perfectionist.” -Year 12 Silva Zander

“Having the opportunity to participate in life drawing activities has allowed me to develop new skills and engage in new artistic techniques. Through the different workshops, I was able to work using different styles. I was able to focus on developing details and additional elements to my drawings in the first session.

As for the second one, which was supervised by Nic Plowman, I experimented with different styles as well as techniques such as drawing with my left hand, blind drawing and drawing in negative space. This experience allowed me to discover the ability for me to utilize tools around me to create new and distinct artworks in the future. The workshop makes me want to develop my knowledge in life drawing.” –Year 12 Sophia Lee

“The life drawing classes helped me focus on lines and shapes and how we should put it together in order to build the figure.”

“Nic taught us ample techniques to use not only in life drawing but also applied to our own art practice.”

“He taught us a ton of new skills and approaches to art, such as layering with different mediums. Loved it!”

“Nick has taught me new ways of seeing the human body; in lines and shapes. It has also taught me to test my limits in many activities, such as blind contouring and drawing with my non-dominant hand. Amazing!”