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Changes to bus routes

Posted: February 24, 2017

As many of you are aware, the DB Plaza Bus Terminal will be closed this Saturday 25 February in order to allow for the redevelopment and extension of the shopping mall. Most bus routes have been changed, with the DB plaza bus stops moved to a series of bus stops along Discovery Bay Road. Please click HERE for a description of the changes and new route timetables.

The main change for DC is that the 4 and C4 have been changed to the T4, and the 9 and C9 will become the T9. The T4 and T9 will run as full circular routes throughout the day, meaning that staff and students can catch either route to get to or from the school. We hope that this will help clear up some of the congestion problems we have had in the morning with students getting to school. DB Transport will continue to run some extra T4 services in the afternoon.

Please ensure you leave plenty of time next week to get to school by 8.20am, given the confusion that often comes with the introduction of new routes and the fact that the T4 may sit at the DB North Plaza for a few minutes as part of its scheduled service.

Our biggest concern will be students arriving on the T9 each morning and then having to cross Siena Ave, which has not been possible in the past. DB Transport will be providing Traffic Wardens each morning (7.45-8.30am) and afternoon to ensure that students cross the road safely, however, we ask parents to support the school’s message by:

  • Reminding your children about crossing the road safely – I think we all can appreciate the very poor road sense that many of our DB students have; and
  • Speaking with your children about following the Wardens’ instructions and not crossing anywhere other than where the Wardens are stationed. This will apply to all DC students (Y1-Y13).