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Congratulation to the students who participated in ESF bilingual festival

Posted: March 31, 2017

ESF this week ran a Bilingual Festival of events and competitions. DC preformed very well against not only the other 6 ESF secondary schools but also other international schools here in HK.

Bilingual story-telling competition
Congratulations to Seo Jin Park from Y9 who won the 3rd place in the Bilingual story-telling competition. Following students also participated and showed great enthusiasm during the competition. The team was Karina Toyokura & Alisa Lam (Y9) andĀ Rouben Derhovagimian, William Cheung, Ruby McMaster, Andrea Boni, Pranav Pappu (Y10)

Mandarin-English Bilingual debating competition
Congratulations to our young bilingual debaters from Y8 for winning the Mandarin-English Bilingual debating competition against West Island School on 30 March. The team consists of Serena Wong, Vivian Gu, Abbie Tong & Hazel Wun

Bilingual Debating competition
Congratulations to Y12 Mandarin-Cantonese debate team, winning 3rdĀ place in the Bilingual Debating competition. The team consisted of Gigi Ho, Jocelyn Tang, Shirley Tang & Ron Tso.