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Easter wishes

Posted: March 31, 2017

The school would like to take the opportunity to thank our community for all your support this term and wish you all a very safe and enjoyable holiday and a Happy Easter. Classes will commence for Term 3 on Tuesday 18 April.

Following earlier messages to students and parents, we expect all students to be in correct school uniform and not wear any non-uniform items either to or from school. Uniform shoes must be either predominantly white or predominantly dark (black, dark blue, dark green, etc.). Mostly bright or flouro colours are not acceptable. Shoes can be any style that is appropriate for sports/general school use, and should be comfortable and safe for walking to/from school and up/down stairs. Shoes must be worn with short white socks (the PTA Shop sells white socks). Please note that this does not apply to shoes used for PE days (primary) or lessons (secondary).