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Expectations of Students at DC

Posted: March 10, 2017

Earlier this week students were sent the following message about expectations for uniform and movement around school:

At DC we believe it is important that students are set high expectations around learning and behaviour. Part of these expectations involve:

  • Uniform / Dress Code
  • Movement around school

There are some current areas of concern about these expectations. Consequently, we want to place a focus on these issues in the next few weeks.

Regarding movement around school, it is important that students:

  • always walk, never run along corridors or walkways, or down stairs. A good way to remember is ‘If you’re on concrete, walk’
  • do not use internal fire escape stairs (with the exception of Y12-13 students making their way to / from the Wellness Centre)
  • keep left / follow the arrow signs up and down stairs / along corridors and walkways
  • do not bounce or throw equipment such as basketballs, footballs etc.

All staff will be acting on any instances in which these expectations are not met.

Regarding uniform / dress code, we want to focus on two issues in particular between now and the end of this term:

  • hair that is on / below shoulder length must be tied back
  • (for students in Y1-11) non-DC clothing items must not be worn. A reminder also that, apart from in particularly cold weather, non-DC coats and jackets must not be worn to / from school either

As a courtesy we would ask students to make sure they can fulfill these expectations from Monday 13 March onwards, giving you a few days to sort things out. From Monday all staff will be acting on any instances in which these expectations are not met. As a further note, we are also looking to improve the consistency of footwear for students in Y1-11. The dress code says:

“Uniform shoes must be either predominantly white or predominantly dark (black, dark blue, dark green, etc.). Mostly bright or flouro colours are not acceptable. Shoes can be any style that is appropriate for sports / general school use, and should be comfortable and safe for walking to/from school and up/down stairs. Shoes must be worn with short white socks.”

Please note that this does not apply to shoes used for PE days (primary) or lessons (secondary). We would acknowledge that this standard has not been enforced consistently in the past but it is timely that we address this. Therefore, all students should please ensure they can meet these requirements around shoes and socks by the first day back after Easter – Tuesday 18 April.

Parents’ help and support is requested to assist their children with this where necessary. You will see from the above that our immediate focus is movement around school, hair and non-DC clothing items. Thereafter, on Tuesday 18 April there will be renewed expectations around shoes and socks. Please assist your child to be able to meet these requirements. Further information on dress code / uniform is available on pp. 38-9 of the Parent & Student Handbook.