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Cobra U12 Football update

Posted: April 28, 2017

U12 Boys A Team
The U12 Cobra Football A team had a solid 4-1 victory for their first win of the season against CAIS. The team had a very slow start, but 10 minutes into the game, man of the match Luka Mathiesen scored the team’s first goal. As soon as the goal was scored everyone had turned on and started to play stronger as a team which was a crucial to secure┬áthe win. MOTM Luka Mathiesen led the team to victory as he gave it his all from kickoff all the way to the final whistle.

U12 Boys B Team
The U12 Cobra B team played like professionals in the game against CAIS. With Tyson Clements scoring two goals in the first 2 minutes, the team had a rush of adrenaline that got everyone going. Near the half time whistle, it started to pour down, making the pitch hard and slippery, but the team quickly adjusted to it and netted another few goals. This win was crucial to qualify for the playoffs. It was a great outcome for the team to take a win, and have some goal difference under the belt.