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Oxfam Musical Marathon 2017 performance a success

Posted: April 28, 2017

The fundraising and performance for Oxfam’s Musical Marathon 2017 just last Saturday was made possible by many teachers and donators and who have kindly donated money.

Ngai Ning Yu (9R) and Yue Ying Yu (6AWD) successfully performed three songs. Ngai Ning played Chopin’s Waltz in B minor and accompanied her sister, Yue Ying, singing Wishing you were somehow here again, and Think of me from Phantom of the Opera. The performance took place on 22 April at Tsing Yi Maritime Square. They would like to thank those who came by and attended, and also their sponsors that supported them.

With help, they have collected more than HK$3,500 which will fully go to Oxfam’s Smallholder Farmers Development Fund. It is a huge achievement and they are proud of their success in fundraising and performing smoothly. To learn more about Oxfam, click here.

Oxfam’s Musical Marathon has been taking place for many years and it will continue next year. They look forward to next time, hopefully collecting, even more money to give to the poor.