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Y11 Exams 22-23 May

Posted: April 28, 2017

On 22-23 May, all Y11s will sit examinations for Individuals and Societies (Humanities), Sciences, Mathematics, English, and Chinese or Spanish. The primary purpose of these exams is to provide Y11 with the experience of sitting a number of exams over a short space of time. The feedback we’ve received from numerous cohorts of Diploma students is that an exam period experience in the MYP would better help them prepare them for the DP.

It is important to note that these assessments are not terminal in nature. They do not exclusively determine a student’s final Y11 grade. These assessments are merely one piece of evidence of learning, along with many other pieces, that are used to determine the levels and grades that will appear on their report. We understand that the term ‘exams’ can be highly charged in nature and we understand where this misunderstanding can come from.

To prepare for exams, students should discuss the exams with their individual teachers. It will be important to understand the topics that will be covered and to ask for study guides. On Wednesday 10 May, all Y11 students will participate in a study session with the Learning Development Department where they will begin to prepare for their exams; however, students may wish to begin preparing prior to this session.