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Cobra U20 Touch Rugby update

Posted: May 12, 2017

Touch rugby is one of the school’s most competitive sports, and this school year has been no exception. The U20 Touch Rugby team has had an interesting season. The team has competed in two major competitions with ACAMIS 2016 and the current ISSFHK season in play. Both of these competitions have been beneficial to the skill improvement of the team and provided the players the opportunity to experience new playing environments.

The touch rugby team came 4th in ACAMIS and the team’s finishing position in the season is yet to be determined. With a lot more training and determination, the team looks forward to solidifying their team communication skills and to the upcoming games for the rest of the season. Two weeks ago the team had a high-intensity game versus Australian International School where the Cobras lost 7-6; the team chemistry was lacking in the first half but managed to spark back in the second half. If the game had gone on for a little longer DC probably could have tied.