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U12 Football update

Posted: May 19, 2017

U12 Girls vs Kellet
The U12 girls had a very disappointing match against Kellet losing by 4-2. It was a tough game with the scores even in the first half. However, Kellet managed to claw back in the second half scoring two goals in succession. Woman of the match: Katie Goldschmidt

U12 Girls vs CDNIS
The previous loss against Kellet meant the Cobras had to put everything on the line to win the game against CDNIS. At the end of the first half, the game was tied at 2-2. In the second half, the Cobras were relentless in their attack and defended with all their might. DC came on top to win the match by 4-3. Everyone in the team deserved to be the woman of the match for showing great determination.

U12A Boys vs Kellet
The boys A team had a very undeserved 4-0 loss to a strong Kellett. In the first half the Cobras had most of the possession but couldn’t find the back of the net. Kellett fought back and had a chance at goal but missed. In the second half the Kellett team had multiple chances and scored 4 goals in quick succession and the Cobra team players were deflated slightly. DC’s man of the match, Nicholas, kept his head held high and pulled off a couple great saves and was very unlucky to concede 4 goals.

U12B Boys vs Kellet
The B team played great football in the 3-2 win against Kellet. Man of the match, Callum, stopped numerous shots from opposing team. Without him, the team would’ve easily been taken apart especially with Kellet’s fast striker who kept getting through Cobra’s defence. In the end, it was a close yet well deserved victory.