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DC Students excel again in 2017 ICAS competitions

Posted: June 9, 2017

In March this year around 250 DC students participated in 1 or more of the International Competitions & Assessments for Schools (ICAS) competition papers. The results have just arrived, with DC students again performing exceptionally with 36 High Distinctions (top 1% in HK), 188 Distinctions (next 10%) and 179 Credits (next 25%).

ICAS Medal – congratulations to another 6 DC students

The ICAS Medal is awarded to the student who gains the top score in a competition across the whole of Hong Kong in that year level. This year we have the second highest number of medal winners since we first entered the competition 7 years ago.

Writing: Eric Xin in Y4, Kelly Su in Y11, Emma Escott in Y12 and Ella Robert-Edwards in Y13

English: Hana Van De Wiel in Y10

Mathematics: Ella Robert-Edwards in Y13 (this is Ella’s 2nd award for this year)

These outstanding young people will join our 18 previous medal winners in English, Writing, Mathematics and Science over the last 7 years: Miyu Kurosawa, Joseph Cheung, Ella Robert Edwards (Now three times), Yan Yau Cheng, Kevin Xin (Twice), Howard Cheng, Cherie Ho, Emily Weinstein, Emily Lo, Jason Chan, Zoe Franklin, Viola Graef, Isabella Dia-Tsi-Tay (Twice), Ezra Kohn, Tra My Hickin and Timothy Tan.

Congratulations to our High Distinction Students – Representing the top 1% in Hong Kong:

  • Y13: Writing – Ella Robert Edwards / Mathematics – Ella Robert-Edwards
  • Y12: Writing – Emma Escott / English – Cherie Ho
  • Y11: Writing – Kelly Su, Jocelyn Chan / English – Kevin Xin, Kelly Su, Jiwon Chung
  • Y10: English – Hana Van De Wiel, Anthony Chen, Alan Wilson, Mihika Jindal, Skye Fung, Jennifer Anderson / Mathematics – Anthony Chen
  • Y9: Writing – Seo Jin Park / English – Samira Salwan / Mathematics – Seo Jin Park
  • Y8: Writing – Ginu Yang / English – Kimberley Wee, Hyung Jun Kim / Mathematics – Hyung Jun Lim
  • Y7: English – Aidan Tsang / Mathematics – Abhinav Khanna
  • Y6: Writing – Aleesha Naqvi, Angela Ye / English – Angela Ye, Anna Tang
  • Y5: Writing – Yuen Hei Yan / English – Madeleine Tsai, Yuen Hei Yan,
  • Y4: Writing- Eric Xin / English – Eric Xin, Lauren Gordon, Hayley Tsang

Please note: We have been informed by the organisers that certificates for all participants are expected to arrive at DC in the next week or so. These will be distributed before the end of year. We are unable to provide individual results until the certificates arrive.