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Teacher farewells and welcomes

Posted: June 2, 2017

This is the time of year when we prepare to farewell several students, families and staff who are leaving us at the end of June to pursue opportunities elsewhere. This year we will be saying goodbye to the following teachers: Lisa Wallace, Catriona Tuimaka, Dan Macheski, Lee Sullivan and Michael Stafford (PYP), Michael Burrows (PYP Music), Penny Ma (PYP Chinese), Donna Ellery (Primary VP/PYP Coordinator), Tina Post (Dean/English), Lissie Nichols (Head of Maths), Brandon Nichols (Dean/English/Film), Dan Wallace (Dean/Humanities), Kathy LaBrooy (Head of Drama) and Michele Badyk (LDT). On behalf of the entire DC community, I thank these remarkable teachers for their hard work, passion and commitment to providing the very best learning experience for our students.

At the same time, it is also my pleasure to introduce you to the new teachers who will be joining us in August. A short bio and photo is listed on our web site HERE.

We also congratulate the following current staff who will be taking up new leadership roles next year: Kate Jolly (Primary VP/PYP Coordinator), Kim Ward (PYP Team Leader), Lilian Wong (Primary Chinese Team Leader), Danielle Veilleux (Head of Drama), Claire Neale (Dean), Kevin Rydeard (Dean), Hin-Hey Lam (Dean) and Rob Street (Personal Project Coordinator).