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Reporting in the MYP is changing

Posted: August 18, 2017

To provide more timely and relevant information to students and parents in the MYP, our reporting practices are changing. The features of the new approach are:

  • Unit-by-unit information. At the end of each unit, students will receive levels to indicate their achievement in that unit.
  • Evidence of learning. During the unit, a portfolio of evidence may also be provided that shows the learning that has taken place.
  • Semester-based reports. Parents will now receive reports twice a year that indicate overall student achievement across all subjects in the past semester.

Parents will receive an email each month showing a digest of any new evidence of learning and/or achievement levels that have been added for the various units on which their child is currently working. Parents will also receive notification via the Explorer of when Semester Reports are available for download.

These new practices apply to MYP students only (DP students and their parents will continue to receive reports based on a quarterly system) and will continue to sit alongside opportunities for direct interaction with teachers such as those provided at 3-way Conferences. More information on secondary reporting practices can be found online at or by attending the MYP Session at the Parent Information Fair on Thursday 31 August.