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Hackathon to fight against modern day slavery

Posted: September 29, 2017

On 23 and 24 September,  DC students Julia Moriau, Jennifer Allardice, Dhiraj Tourani, Anneliese Beijerbergen, Alex Cheung, Kevin Makela, Dylan Symonds and Aaryaman Dutt participated in a “Hackathon” hosted by Thomson Reuters and Liberty Asia to fight against modern day slavery in their ICBC office in Central. Organisers commented that the DC students showed meticulous effort in the Hackathon.  Jennifer Allardice, Alex Cheung and Dhiraj Tourani teamed up with students from other schools and came runner-up of the Hackathon.

Organisers were deeply impressed by DC students’ effort and quality of work. “With the young and bright individuals like participants from Discovery College, we can believe that there is hope to put an end to modern day slavery in the future,” commented Polly Poon, Senior Manager of Application Development at Thomson Reuters. To learn more about the Hackathon, you can click HERE. Well done to all who participated.