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House Captains Announced

Posted: September 22, 2017

On Wednesday 13 September almost 50 very brave and confident young people presented speeches to their Houses in the hope of becoming a House Captain to lead their House for the 2017-18 school year. Each House has three primary and three secondary House Captains. The results at the close of voting on Friday 15 September at 3.30pm elected the following students as our 2017-18 House Captains:

Liu Shui (Water)
Secondary Blue Captains: Linn WolmerbrantKriti Dwivedi & Patricia Raimann
Primary Blue Captains: An Lee, Chalisa White & Kyra Manaktala

Re Tu (Earth)
Secondary Yellow Captains: Leticia Ayers, Emma Loeffler & Shreya Khanna
Primary Yellow Captains: Cole Thomson, Ines Allenstein & Jessie Hudson

Qing Mu (Wood)
Secondary Green Captains: Roman Selivanov, Jessica Foreman & Katie Chan
Primary Green Captains: Ralphy Dray, Hannah Dolan & Hannah Foreman

Lie Huo (Fire)
Secondary Red Captains: Kevin Xin, Ethan Godinho & Hanna Swedenklef
Primary Red Captains: Belle Rousseau, Maia PrasadIsla Han

Jin Shu (Metal)
Secondary Purple Captains: Ethan Zajaczkowski, Marcell Merenyi & Casey Colon
Primary Purple Captains: Ethan Mo, Grace Merrick & Caitlin Higgins

We would like to thank all students who were nominated. In some cases the results were very close and only a few votes separated candidates.