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U14 Boys A Football vs RCHK

Posted: September 29, 2017

Yesterday’s match was a very intense one between the DC Cobras U14 Boys A team and RCHK. This was a very important game for the Cobras since losing would mean no chance of making it into the crossovers. The match started off with neither side having a clear advantage. The Cobras attacked well, but RCHK defended just as well, with neither team managing to create any real chances for a shot. As the second half started, things got a lot more intense. RCHK had kickoff, and the Cobras started pressing really well, immediately getting a tackle in at the half way line. This created a counter attack with a powerful shot followed by a good save from the keeper, but it wasn’t enough as the DC striker followed up with the rebound and passed it into the bottom corner. The rest of the game was pretty one sided, with the Cobras getting in a lot of crosses and some good chances, but no more goals. The match ended 1-0 to DC, giving the team a good chance at making it to the crossovers.