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CIS/WASC Self-Study – Call for interested parents

Posted: October 27, 2017

Discovery College is embarking on a Self-Study process in preparation for an Evaluation Team Visit in November 2018 from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). After our successful initial accreditation five years ago we are forming Self-Study committees again to look at all aspects of our operation with an eye for constant improvement and self reflection.

All teaching staff must be involved in a Self-Study committee, and volunteers from our parent, student and support staff groups are also invited to be part of this process. Each Self-Study committee is tasked with reviewing and rating the school on a number of Domains, each with clear indicators. Evidence is gathered to support the ratings, and then the Team Visit in November 2018 confirms whether or not they believe that our areas of strengths and areas to be further strengthened are correct. This helps the school in terms of our continuous improvement path.

For the first time this process is combined with our our International Baccalaureate Evaluation for the PYP, MYP and DP.

Self-Study committees

  • Domain A – Purpose & Direction: Are our Guiding Statements appropriate for our community?
  • Domain B – Governance & Leadership: Are the roles of governance, ownership and leadership clear for our school?
  • Domain C – Teaching & Assessing for Learning (Primary)
  • Domain D – Teaching & Assessing for Learning (Secondary)
  • Domain E – Student Learning & Wellbeing: How well are the students protected and their wellbeing ensured?
  • Domain F – Staffing: To what extent do our human resources meet the needs of our Vision?
  • Domain G – Premises & Physical Accommodation: How well do the facilities enable learning to occur?
  • Domain H – Community & Home Partnerships: How are parents and other agencies engaged as partners in student learning?

If you have interest and are available on the following dates (or most of them), please select the three areas that most interest you and we will endeavour to place you in your highest priority. If large numbers of parents respond we may need to offer some a place in their second or third priority. There are a limited number of places on each Self-Study committee, please do not be disappointed if you are not selected. There will be other ways to include your voice in this process including a community survey. Please sign up before Monday 6 November.

Self-Study committee meeting dates are below. Meetings will start at 3.30pm at DC. Note: some Self-Study committees may call extra meetings.

  • Monday 11 December
  • Monday 22 January
  • Monday 7 May
  • Monday 4 June