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Unit-by-unit reporting replaces Quarter reports for students in Years 7-11

Posted: October 27, 2017

A reminder that assessment and reporting practices in the MYP (Years 7-11) are changing this year. MYP reporting is moving to a unit-by-unit model, with Semester Reports occurring twice a year. 

Unit-by-unit reports, once they are completed by teachers with involvement from students, are available to view in Gateway. They are located in the ARR section of your Gateway account, which is the same location in which previous reports have been presented. Parents will also receive a monthly email when new information has been entered, with a link to access the reports directly. Most parents can expect this to be sent for the first time this coming Tuesday 31 October. Newly-added information will be highlighted for parents to gain quick access to. 

These practices replace the previous ‘Quarter 1’ and ‘Quarter 3’ reports, which will not happen for Years 7-11 (though they will continue for students in Years 12-13). For further information, please refer to the information sent out previously in the Explorer at the start of the year by clicking here.

We also shared further information about these new assessment and reporting practices in the MYP at the Parent Information Fair and at a Parent Information Session in September. If you weren’t able to make this talk, you are welcome to view the presentation here to find out more about the work that is happening in this area of school life, which is the product of an extensive review of assessment and reporting practices in Secondary over the past 12 months.

If you have any further questions about reporting practices in Years 7-11, please contact