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Senior Swim Team Report

Posted: November 10, 2017

Being the last swim meet before the ISSFHK Championships, swimmers from the Cobra team were more than ready to participate, and took this last competition at Kellett School on 2 November as an opportunity to practice their racing techniques. The senior swim team saw more than 15 skilful swimmers represent our school to race against other schools such as RCHK, Harrow, and of course Kellett. Our team did a fantastic job at this meet, breaking most of our personal bests, with many of our swimmers getting top 3 in most of their races. This is an outstanding achievement and I am very proud of our team. As it was our last meet before the Championships, we took it very seriously. I could easily tell from our performances that each and every one of us put 100% effort in our swimming. This all paid off at the end of the day, as we headed back to DB with our heads held high with pride. Thank you to all the swimmers who participated in this extraordinary event, we really couldn’t have done it without you guys.

– Kyle Mok