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Year 3 Camp

Posted: November 3, 2017

On Thursday 26 and Friday 27 October, our Year 3 students enjoyed their first ever DC Camp Experience at San Shek Wan YMCA Centre, South Lantau.

At the two-day camp students engaged in a variety of activities which required them to take responsibility, work together and use leadership skills to achieve goals. For many of our students, this was a first opportunity to spend a night with their friends away from home comforts. As a result, it was a great opportunity to build self-confidence and independence.

Before the camp the students worked in groups to devise beach games to share with their friends, wrote their own instructions, gathered equipment and decided on rules. On day two of the camp students worked in teams to complete the ‘Amazing Race’ challenge which required them to work collaboratively to solve problems. Although tired by the end, many students were talking about how they couldn’t wait for Year 4 camp!

A huge thank you to all the staff and parents who accompanied the year group, as this great EOTC experience would not have been as successful without their desire to encourage and care for the students.