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Cobra Cross Country Success

Posted: December 8, 2017

The DC Cobra Cross Country team competed on Wednesday at their second event of the season, and came away with some very pleasing results against students from West Island School, ISF Academy, Canadian International School and International Christian School. Running in near-perfect conditions at Pokfulam Reservoir, all members of the squad completed the 3km and 5km course looking comfortable and relaxed. Of particular note were:
U12 Boys: Kevin Thomson (1st), Cole Thomson (2nd) and Jack Speed (6th)
U12 Girls: Lisa Trimingham (5th) and Sienna De Wilde (6th)
U14 Girls: Katie Goldschmidt (4th)
U14 Boys: Ethan Davies (2nd), Vaibhav Bhoovarahan (3rd), Remi Karlin (4th) and Kershaun Mathew (8th)
U16 Girls: Clemence Bureau (3rd) and Jueun Kang (4th)
U16 Boys: Colin Levitt (3rd), Damon Ngai (4th), Skye Fung (5th)
U20 Boys: Csoban Balogh (1st), Guillermo Garcia Saenz (4th), Carlos Escueta (7th)