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Year 10 Drama Speaker

Posted: January 26, 2018

This January we had Dewi Hughes visiting us to lead three Y10 Drama classes through a workshop on using your voice effectively. Running a marathon demands physical fitness, and if you earn your living through speaking, you need to be vocally fit. In this workshop students explored fun and easy routes to vocal fitness. Students learned how to speak over background noise without strain, and found out how their voices could attract the attention of the listener. Students also learned practical exercises to give their voices stamina, to meet the challenges of the professional voice user.  

Dewi graduated with an English Literature BA (UCL) in 1991. He has been working in and around theatre ever since, appearing in many productions in London, on tour and at Edinburgh fringe. He graduated from Central School in 1994 with an MA in Voice Studies, since then he has worked in many drama schools, including LAMDA and Drama Centre, and is currently Head Of Voice at Drama Studio London.