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HKRU Bill Williams Rugby Sevens Tournament Report by Gabriella Rivers

Posted: February 9, 2018

The annual HKRU Bill Williams Inter-Secondary Schools 7s tournament was played on Friday 26 January at King’s Park. It was a very memorable moments for the team.

The DC Cobra Senior Girls Rugby team combined with Kellett School to make up a squad of 14 players. Overall the team placed third but working together they tried hard and had fun. For a team that never played together, the combined team worked really well with girls from both DC and Kellett. Kellett had some really good players that produced some outstanding tackles and plays.

All the opposing teams (KGV, Harrow, STC & a Local Barbars team) had strong players who played really well. Congratulations goes to West Island School for winning all their games and the tournament overall. They are a very strong team with excellent coaching and great team work.

Girls rugby at Discovery College continues to excel. Shanna Forrest and Nancy McGillivray, played hard, as they do every single game. Newcomers to the team Paige Bailey, Charlotte Nolan and Katrina Mathers also deserve some recognition for their contributions and improvement.

Congratulations Cobras on an great season as a team. DC girls rugby will be back in action again next year and we are looking for more players to join the team for another fantastic season. Thank you to the DC coaches for their coaching and organisation and for all the support throughout the season.