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Review of the DC Guiding Statements

Posted: February 15, 2018

We would like to thank those parents who provided feedback on our proposed changes to the DC Guiding Statements. One thread of feedback suggested that language used in new International Mindedness Statement needed to be more accessible to everyone. In response, we have made two changes to this statement:
1. Interculturalism has been replaced by intercultural understanding; and
2. Shared patterns of understanding and systems of being has been removed from the intercultural understanding component.

Now that parents, students and staff have provided feedback, the following version will be presented to School Council in April for final approval.

DC Vision Statement & Guiding Principles
Grow. Be passionate about being the best we can be.
Discover. Find wonder in the world around us.
Dream. Dare to make a difference for yourself, humanity and our planet.

DC International Mindedness Statement
International Mindedness is a commitment to celebrating our diversity where people know themselves and others, and demonstrate empathy by thinking globally and acting ethically. The three core components of international mindedness at DC are:
Intercultural understanding – recognising and reflecting on one’s own perspectives, as well as the perspectives of others
Global engagement – developing global and local awareness, perspectives and action, to empower learners committed to service in the community
Multilingualism – the ability to communicate in a variety of ways in more than one language

As an IB world school, these statements have been developed by our community, and are always underpinned by the IB Mission, Core Values and Learner Profile.