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U20 Boys Basketball Game Report

Posted: February 2, 2018

On Monday, 29 January, the DC Cobra U20 boys basketball team took on CIS for a spot in the ISSFHK finals. After facing disappointment in last year’s semi-finals, the Cobras were determined to emerge victorious and continue their unbeaten run in the ISSFHK season. As usual, the gym was buzzing with support for the Cobras during the game. 

The first two quarters were very closely contested, as CIS were able to make some very difficult shots despite the tireless effort of DC defence. Even with CIS’s shooting streak, DC was able to cling onto a 28-22 lead at halftime. After the half, the defensive efforts of the Cobras combined with increased communication and team spirit led to a breakaway run in the third quarter. The Cobras’ hard work achieved an unassailable lead and ultimately a commanding, 66-39 victory.

The DC Cobras will be heading to YCIS on 6 February to play YCIS for the ISSFHK championship. The Cobras are focused on victory and adding another banner to the walls of the Snake Pit.