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Year 5 & 6 Students learn about conservation

Posted: March 16, 2018

Jeroen van de Waal, a multi-lingual, Dutch entrepreneur and conservationist, delivered a talk to the Years 5-6 students on 15 March in the Drama Studio. His company, Orca, teaches children and young adults to scuba dive, introducing them to the beauty and wonder of the underwater world. Jeroen is on a mission to foster a generation of ‘ocean ambassadors’, who have the passion, drive and determination to reverse humankind’s destruction of the sea.

In his talk, he spoke about how he become a conservationist. He believes that we must turn the tides now, before it’s too late. The oceans and all that lives in them are the most precious ecosystems we have on the planet. They maintained the essential balance to keep the planet going and to make life on Earth possible. Jeroen used his book to present the current state of the oceans and highlighted the mass destruction that is taking place. He then set out a manifesto showing how we human beings are capable of doing something positive to protect them. Using the Orca Gentle Way – we can, and should, all help.

More information of the speaker can be found here.