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‘Big week’ – interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP

Posted: March 16, 2018

Over the course of 23-25 and 28-29 May, all MYP Year 7-11 students will be engaged in a range of interdisciplinary learning experiences. Over these five days, the regular timetable will be suspended in order to provide the freedom for students to work on a range of projects. In these projects, students will bring together the perspectives of various subjects in order to inquire into authentic problems and develop authentic solutions.

The project topics are all based on outcomes of focus group discussions with the ambassadors of each year group as well as extensive teacher planning sessions. All inquiries will lie beneath a broader theme of Hong Kong’s past, future and present. These include Hong Kong’s customs and history, distribution of wealth, housing affordability, freedom of expression and mitigating against natural hazards. Our decision to suspend the regular timetable also provides us with opportunities to conduct authentic field work, to invite guest speakers and making flexible use of the school’s specialist spaces.

If you have any expertise of Hong Kong and would be willing to contribute to these inquiries, please feel free to contact Adrian Gan at