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Blair Reeve Teaches Y3 Pantoum Poetry

Posted: March 23, 2018

As part of their unit of inquiry “How we express ourselves”, the Year 3 students had a special visit from real life poet Blair Reeve on Monday 19 March. How wonderful to have the opportunity to experience how ‘nature inspires a variety of art forms’ at first hand!

Mr Reeve spoke to the students about how he uses ‘form poetry’ in his books and demonstrated his chosen form to the class. He helped them connect by explaining that he uses the same form as another author that they already are very familiar with, Dr Seuss.

He performed an extract from his book “Hogart the Hedgehog turns Nink” which inspired the students to have a go at being poets themselves.

He demonstrated how to create a nature themed “pantoum”, which is a different kind of form poetry, and each class created their own different 4 stanza pantoum collaboratively. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of the students as they developed new skills, created poetry and shared their ideas with each other.

For those who wish to order a copy of Blair’s books, please download the order form at the attachment below and return it to the Library. All books will be distributed before the end of term.

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